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You're shopbop's newest face.
(Welcome!) How is shopbop different
from other places you've modeled for?
What's your favorite part about working
here? (That's us angling for a
Shopbop is really my favorite client to work
for. Everyone gives off such a positive vibe.
My favorite part about working here is
getting to try on all the cool, different clothes
and being able to keep up on the trends.

How has working with Morgan and the
other stylists influenced your personal,
off-duty style?

Well, I've definitely picked up the sloppy
tuck! ("Sloppy tuck" technique involves
partially tucking in a top, bringing a sense of
proportion and insouciance to a look. Ed.)

And my style has changed just from looking
at what all the girls are wearing every week.

What are your 5 favorite
brands at the moment?
Haute Hippie
Golden Goose
J Brand
Free People
Is it weird seeing row after
row of pictures of you in all different
outfits on a single page or does it
become normal after a certain point?
I have been working as a model for
three years now, and in the beginning
it was a little unreal to see your face
everywhere on a website, but now
I've gotten kind of used to it. I still get
excited sometimes.

What do your friends and family
think of your newfound shopbop
They love it! All my friends go to
look for me on shopbop and end
up finding things they want. It's a