santa barbara
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2 reviews
Cute boot, not the best quality
If your spending 310$, this boot better be a good quality.. like a frye boot. I own this boot in black size 6, the leathers not 300$ looking leather, the wood stain on the bottom of the boot can be scuffed off easily, my boots fell i'd say 5 or 6 inches, and are permanently slouched, not as cute as they were in the beginning, the leather can scratch off easily too. In the end, this boot is very attractive and cute but its definitely not worth 310$, but still a very cute boot. If i paid 200 I wouldn't be complaining.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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If your on the fence, a good review.
Brown size 6 I'm 5'6 110 pounds. Pros: Great style, they look amazing as a whole, very fashionable, chic, which is really what matters in the end, good looking leather outside the shoe. Cons: Its no secret these boots are cheaply made (in China) for the PRICE, compared to frye boots for instance The wood stain actually can be rubbed off JCs (my history with their Wishlist Boot) can often times have slightly different sized right and left shoes, the right boot I got is smaller than the left, I would venture to say an entire size in the width. The leather (with the nails in it near the sole) is sloppily put together and you can see where they messed up cutting it in certain places, after long wear, I can tell it will rip eventually I'm assuming the back of the heal leather will eventually rip since its so fine The sole inside is cheep Overall: good looking shoe, not the best quality based on the price
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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