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Tiny Torture Chambers
These are adorably cute earrings, but they are so painful to put on. I have only worn studs all my life (and very light & small dangle earrings) so my ear holes are tiny and not very stretched. Inserting the earring is fine, it's just when you have to get it past the squared corner, it hurts. My ears started to bleed because they were stretched so much, and they were sore the entire day. I tried to wear them as long as possible to make the pain and suffering worth it, but I wanted to remove them before showering at the end of the night. I was anxious and feared the same pain taking them off. I was right, the pain was intense as the earring's squared corner rounded my earlobes; I cried, and there was more blood. I don't think I'll attempt to wear these ever again. However, if you are used to wearing heavy earrings and have tribal-like stretched earlobes, then disregard my review and get these earrings because they are pretty darn cute when worn.
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