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Indianapolis, Indiana
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Posted January 03, 2014
This kills me
This really is a beautiful watch. Really well made. All features easy to use. I've been looking for a watch for over two years now. My requirements are simple, gold, has the date, and is oversized. This is the first one I actually bought. I read the reviews, but this is the first one to match what I'm looking for exactly, it was perfect... Until I took it out of the box. I'm a pretty small woman. 5'6, 115-120lbs, evenly proportioned. As you would expect my wrist is pretty small. Then when I put the watch on it looks HUGE. Petite women stay away, unless you want that exaggerated size. I think that this would work for most average size and up women to achieve the oversized look. If you are a larger than average person this could be an awesome watch for you, and depending on the size of your wrist, could help you get in on the trend!
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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