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New York, New York
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2 reviews
Just Satisfied
I've been looking for a white dress for a while and when this went on sale, I jumped. Wang used a heavy material to get the dress to drape naturally - unfortunately it's not a very sophisticated soft material - personally, I think it doesn't breathe well. The dress also lacks a body - with a draping accent - usually it should be complemented with a tighter fit - but Wang designed the sleeves with a Doleman effect. So don't expect this to hug at the waist (although it certainly hugs at the hips). I feel like I should also warn that this dress can't be worn with anything underneath. I'm not too keen on keeping this dress, but it's a good "whatever" piece; I won't be wearing it special events, but a typical night out, yeah sure.
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Not bad
I bought this dress because it's an awesome twist on a classic greek style. The overall design is great, but even though this dress fits like a Bodycon, the chiffon covers all the good girly bits. Since you're most likely going to be wearing this dress at night, your shape will be indiscernible. Also, I assumed that the leather strap would hug me more since I'm a curvy version of the model, but I think regardless of size, that strap will always "droop" since it is made of heavier material than the rest of the dress and isn't placed at a good angle for it to stay close to your back. My advice, if you buy this dress, place the front chiffon with the back piece, so at least it'll show off a flat stomach and your front curves - you can't place the back up front because the bunched material will look like you have a belly. Overall, not too bad if you style it right.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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