Rose Uyen
Sacramento, CA
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Average Rating: 4.0
1 reviews
nice... except a few things...
I do like that I was able to get this dress on sale, with the few minor issues I have with the dress, I do not believe its worth the full price. I agree with the other reviewer about wearing the dress backwards (thanks for the tip), I did remove the tag from the back when I did this because it was making the scoop slightly skewed. The dress is actually sheer (or the non-flocked parts are sheer), it is hard to tell once the dress is on, but I guess plan your undergarments accordingly or you can get a slip to wear under, which I might do anyway because the dress is very low (whether you're wearing the frontwards or backwards). The shoulders also don't really stay in place, so I am thinking of sewing little straps to attach the shoulders to bra straps or slip straps or whatever, to keep the shoulders in place.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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