Brisbane, Qld, Australia
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Posted December 08, 2014
Really sad to be writing this negative review but this was not the watch I was expecting from MK at all! I have two other Bradshaw watches which have been amazing quality and size. I bought this one thinking that it was the full size Bradshaw and when it arrived it turned out to be mini. This wasn't listed anywhere on the product page however which wasn't helpful. Be aware that this is the smaller size! Secondly the rose gold finish was not as nice as other MK watches and in my opinion looked a little cheap. Sad, and am returning.
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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Everyday Staple
I have had this watch for over six months now and have resisted writing a review because I wanted to be sure it was perfect quality, aged well, and wasn't just something I would be obsessed with and then get over. I got given this watch on my 18th, and I loved it from the first minute I saw it. I hate small watches, they are never flattering and make anyone look good. I was after a really amazing stand out piece that I could wear on its own and not feel underdressed and this one definitely fit the bill! It is definitely man-sized (which is something I prefer in a watch) and is quite heavy, which personally I think indicates quality. What saves this MJ piece from looking mannish is the beautiful rose gold colour (which has not tarnished or faded) and the little bejewelled points within the face. I marked it as true to size because I was expecting it to be a little large on me -- I'm 5"8, slim build and have weirdly small wrists. I only had to get one link taken out however.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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