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The Stone is Kind of Smaller Than Usual
I'm a MANIAMANIA nut. I have three different immortals rings, different stones and different settings, the whole shebang. As I continued to acquire these rings I noticed the stone itself got sort of smaller and smaller. I was a little disappointed that compared to my Abbey ring, the Crystal Ball ring was smaller and sunk deep in the setting, and now the Amazonite stone is somewhat puny. I know each ring will be somewhat different in size but geez, I sort of feel cheated. I love love love this label for its borderline obnoxious cocktail rings and sort of wish the Amazonite and Crystal Ball could hold its own next to the Abbey ring. Its still a huge ring in terms of setting and the fit is right on...but as a frequent MM customer I expected more from the focal point of the piece.
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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