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New York, New York
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Posted November 19, 2012
Chris Benz Loves Floral Designs and
It is no secret that Chris Benz is a talented designer full of creativity. As much as I do enjoy Chris Benz floral designs in all of his Spring 2012 collection, I would have to say that I am extremely disappointed in all of them. The fit may be comfortable and the style may be very glamorous and sleek but my conscious will not allow me to purchase any of them. Why? Because Chris Benz stole a very sweet photographer's photo and used it as his own design for a new line in his Spring 2012 collection. The floral image that he used was the exact same image in a photographer's photo. The photo had been published online and remains one of the favorites by many of her fans. Chris Benz has denied any wrong doing and claims that he did not steal the photo but was instead inspired by many. There has been extensive analysis of the photo and his fashion line that shows otherwise. Sorry Chris but it's an exact match. Let justice be served.
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