NYC Metro
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Defective design
I'll start by saying I have a large number of MJ bags. I love them. Usually. Not this one. Almost immediately the straps broke. The small stitches around the clasps may look cute but they are extremely fragile and the bag, for reasons unclear, uses very strong closure magnets - we're talking walk past a car with the bag open and it will actually attach itself and have to be wrenched off. If you have to wrench the magnets off a car, just imagine the force required to simply open the bag, and now look again at the two little stitches keeping the bag together. Are they up to the task? Absolutely not. Within a matter of days the bag will look like a broken and frayed train wreck. Another reviewer on the Bloomingdale's website wrote about this problem with her Werdie, and I ignored it...don't make my mistake.
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