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Posted January 05, 2016
falls down a bit
These leggings are, overall, a nice quality and appear as advertise. As is the case with so many of the leggings that, these days, stop just above the hip but below the waist, they tend to fall down a bit, especially later in the day after being worn for many hours. Its a real problem when I wear them on my skin. I've found the problem is somewhat alleviated by wearing figure skating tights (Mondor) underneath these leggings (to still get the effect of the cut outs.) Some other brands are worse.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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Posted June 07, 2013
cute summer blouse
I like this silk blouse. It's perfect for very hot summer weather. It feels very cool on a hot day. Perhaps not obvious in the photographs and video, the bodice is very loose with _lots_ of extra fabric. It is almost skirt-like. Also, the arm holes are very large. This makes the blouse cool, but it also shows one's bra under the arms a bit, (though not as much, say, as a muscle tank.). I threw a light jacket over it when I had a meeting. It will be a favorite this season.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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love this dress
This dress is wonderful: It is very accurately represented by the model: It tends to a loose but flattering fit. And being shorter than the model (I'm 5'4") I didn't have to worry about the dress, in a size small, being inappropriately short. It's well above my knee without being revealing. The color is accurate on the screen. Overall a very comfortable, versatile, wear-to-work dress.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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Posted October 31, 2012
Overall pretty good jackewt
This I got this jacket in a size 6, which is usually the size jacket / blazer I wear. My bust is 34-35, and my waist is 26 inches. My shoulders are broad. The jacket it quite snug when zipped up, for instance over a thick T-shirt. The back of the jacket seems tight, as do the arms when I hold both arms straight out forward in front of me, which doesn't happen with other size 6 blazers I have, for instance Jones New York. Also not so clear in the pictures, the jacket is more than slightly distressed. On the elbows and certain placed on the front, it looks like the item was worked over with a cheese grater. I personally found this level of distressing a bit much....it makes it hard to wear the piece in a professional venue. Also a surprise, with the zippers on the sleeves, was the disproportionate looseness of the sleeves below the elbow. All this aside, its a really cute versatile piece, which is quite unique. So I'm keeping. Looks great with browns, crimsons, olives.
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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