San Francisco
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Great shoe, but...
I've been waiting awhile to buy this boot. When I finally did, I bought the brown distressed one in a size 8. I love the ruggedness of the boot and the wrap that gives it a whole rough and "I don't care" appeal. The only problem I had was that the leather at the back of the left shoe is permanently dented in, which means it is constantly rubbing against the skin of my Achille's tendon. After one day of wearing it, I developed a blister. The quick solution was to buy some padding to prevent the rubbing of the leather, but I will definitely need to take it to a shoe repairman in order for them to straighten out the leather. The right foot doesn't have this problem at all. So I'm assuming, it's just the natural make of left foot.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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