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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
My Style: Casual Chic, Classic, Classy feminine Chi Chi
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2 reviews
Spanx High Waisted Shaper
This was somewhat smaller than I thought it would be for a large, I do love the feel of it and once I get my bigger size, extra large,, I'm sure it'll be perfect. I guess my five extra pounds that I thought would squeeze into it, was just a little much for the large, because it''s all in the derriere and couldn't get up any further, and maybe its a liitle more than 5. I am looking forward to wearing my new size as soon as it arrives. This will definitely give me a real shape once again.
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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Spanx Metallic Luxe Tightend Tights
These are lovely, even tho they are a little snug,they are wonderfully fitting and by wearing them a few times they will be perfect. I love them. I guess I'm a about 5 (lbs) pounds more than what I thought, especially the derriere, but they are great.Thank You Shopbop
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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