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Insole sewing is terrible
I loved the look of this shoe and it's great for my wide feet. The shoe is all fabric and very soft but you can see your toes (mine anyway) poking through the light blue part when you walk. Definitely not great for rainy days. The main negative is that the insole is NOT removable and the sewing in of it is terrible. The photo shows it's stitched in nicely around the heel area but when you look into the shoe halfway up it's just sitting on top and zig zaged stitched into the base and up the surrounding sides of the fabric part of the shoe so you can feel the rough stitching around your toes when you walk, even with socks on. I had to put my own very thin insole in cutting it wider around the toe area so that it goes up around the sides to cover the stitching. A normal to thick insole won't work as there's no support / adjustability around the ankle since it's fabric and the toe area slips up and down if your heel is up too high. I'm still keeping them, but after making an adjustment.
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Posted October 09, 2010
Not Bad
The cardigan looks a much brighter colour online than in the flesh. It's quite a dull beige and the sleeves are incredibly long. I'm 5 foot 3 and need to fold the sleeves up about 4". It's quite boxy so will be good for fat days. Besides these few things it's still a keeper.
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