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Posted April 21, 2016
Great sweater but the red is orange-y
Be warned that the red is more scarlet than true red. Moreover, the panel behind the date is off-white. I was disappointed with the colors (which I cannot wear, and thus returned the sweater) but the quality and fit are excellent.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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Posted April 12, 2014
Great basic sandals but small in length
I am a very true size 37 in most designer shoes, occasionally a 37.5, so I ordered these in both 37 and 38. The 37s felt great but were too short---my toes and heels were actually somewhat over the edge---and the 38s looked fine in length but felt huge. Note that my feet are a bit wide if anything. These are really well-made and have a simple but elegant design, so ahead and try them in case you are lucky enough to get a perfect fit! I took off one star only because of how annoying it is that they don't make half sizes.
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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Posted January 01, 2012
Very cool retro style cords
These have a great 70s look with the modern benefit of a little stretch. I can't understand why the blue color isn't more popular, since it is so reminiscent of the colors one would have had in fourth grade (well, okay, if one is 40 like me---maybe not so many here are!). I agree with the other reviewer that the green is absolutely perfect. The red I did return because it was, as pictured, a bit too pink. As for sizing, they run a bit large, definitely in the waist. The stretch does not have the memory that modern brands do, meaning that they will stretch a bit when you wear them and not really snap back, until they are washed. I had to buy the blue twice because after the first wear I desperately needed to go down a size. I am 5'6", 128 lbs, waist 26, hips 36, athletic thighs and ended up with the 25. The limiting factor is the back rise, which is a bit on the short size. Looks great standing up but definitely need a good wide belt for other positions!
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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Luxurious fabric, flattering fit
The fabric is very, very soft and a little on the thin side (not flimsy at all, though). At first I was worried that this would not afford the control needed to make a flattering line, but in fact they are highly slimming. This was my husband's comment, and he does not think I particularly need slimming. It is a result of the super-dark color and the awesome Paige fit. Details:: 1. I am 5'6", 128 lbs, waist 26, hips 36 with athletic thighs, and wear 26 in these, my usual size. 2. The belt loops are narrow (to prevent people who pull on them from tearing a hole in the pants, I suppose). A 1" belt fits, just. 3. The knees are somewhat wide: about 15" on the size 26. 4. The waist is lined in woven cotton and thus has limited stretch. This makes the fit a bit tricky. Normally I wear the smallest size fitting and flattering my legs, but here I had to stop at 26 because the waist was actually tight though the legs fit in 25. Hence four stars, not five.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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Posted September 01, 2011
Fit a bit different but worth keeping
Usually I am a 27, occasionally a 26, so I ordered both (I know---my credit card is in a state of shock). Measurements: waist 26.5", hips 37". Both sizes were fine in the thigh---they are generous there as well as elsewhere, but the 26s looked all wrong from behind. The low pockets mean that you must not attempt to wear these very fitted, as you normally would a designer jean. Although the larger size has a bit of extra room at the front --- as the others said --- I am likely going to keep them since they are overall quite flattering and a change from the ordinary. By the way, the knee width (ever important to me) on the 27s is just below 16"---wider than a flare but not quite a wide leg.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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