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Posted October 23, 2015
Whoa. Sizing?
I adore hats and wear them often. I'm also petite (5'2") and have a big head for someone my size--but I don't think by any means it's huge. That being said--I tried this hat in a Medium and it was WAY, WAY too tight--wore it for a few minutes and it left a red mark on my forehead and I was seriously worried about hair breakage, it was THAT tight. So I re-ordered it in a Large, which is supposed to be only one inch bigger according to this site...and the large literally swallows my head. It sinks down over my ears and it'd take only the weakest gust of winds to blow it off. Just even the motion of walking almost bumps it off my head. It's huge! So I'm not quite sure what to think! It's a gorgeous hat in the pecan color, but there has to be at least a 2 inch size difference medium to large and apparently I'm right in the middle. Not sure if I should just keep it in the medium and hope it stretches out or what...
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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Posted October 22, 2014
A perfect little sparkle of cool.
Love these earrings so much! I have a hard time wearing earrings because most are too heavy and bother my ear lobes, but not these. They're so lightweight and easy to wear I often forget I'm wearing them! I noticed a review below me complaining that they are too big and slip off her earlobe--the back of the earring is a bar that can be 'bent/molded' to your earlobe, so make sure to give them a little (hard) squeeze once you have them in the position you like on your ear to make sure they stay put. As long as you do that, you should have no problem wearing them and they shouldn't slip off your ear. Love Gorjana & love these earrings!
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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Posted November 20, 2012
Gorgeous & Attention-Grabbing
I have to disagree with the previous reviewer--these earrings are really gorgeous in person! I get tons of compliments every single time I wear them. Sure, they're lightweight - if they weren't, they'd be too heavy to wear. I have sensitive ears and these don't bother me one bit. They sparkle and shine and look great when paired with silk blouses, simple shift dresses, and lots more. I love them!!
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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Posted October 02, 2010
Like the previous reviewer, I had had my eye on these earrings and when they finally went on sale, I had to pull the trigger. So glad I did! They're so much fun, perfect in person, and add a bit of edginess to outfits while still keeping it pretty. Hiiiiighly recommend! (They are slightly on the heavy side, though, so if heavy earrings bother you, you might want to pass. I typically can't wear heavy earrings but these feel fine for me, but still just an FYI!).
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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