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Denim Dame
San Jose, CA
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3 reviews
Super soft and comfy!
These jeans are so amazing I bought them twice! I bought the size 28 and I got it 3 days later on free shipping. The jeans are so soft and the denim is very stretchy and thin - no crunchy and thick. However, they were a bit bigger than I thought they would be and they stretched out a bit after wearing too. So I ordered the 27 - i actually should have ordered the 26 - and they fit way better to be appropriate for wearing on a night out with a nice top :-) I still kept with the 28s for casual wear becuase they were so darn comfortable :-) These jeans are a gem. I have been a tried a true 7 for all Mankind bootcut wearer in size 27 for years - every since they started the petite sizes and then the "flip flop" length. But since they are now only making the "Lexie" length and trying to tell me that petite is a 32" inseam, I've moved on. I think AG is my new favorite brand!
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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Posted June 09, 2011
Super soft, awesome crop
These are so great! Except they are made pretty big...I ordered the 28 and I didn't have to undo the zipper or button to get them on or off!! I reordered 26s from Bloomies and they fit. So, they're made big. But they are super soft, and because I'm short, i can unfold them and they become a perfect ankle pant with ballerina flats :-)
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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Way too long, and fits a bit loose
I am the biggest fan of the classic bootcut. And being 5'3", I was ecstatic when I discovered the flip flop length. However, these are not flip flop length. At all. For some reason, they even fit a bit loose...I ordred a size 27, as all my other 7s are 27s as well, and these came in too big in the waist, and for petite sizing, they came up way too high in the rise. In addition, they were way too long. I would say that these are Lexie length- 31.5" inseam - and not a flip flop inseam. I was disappointed. Can't seem to find the flip flop bootcuts anywhere anymore...and I already have two pairs of the dojos. I had to return them. (I've also left out that i ordered the 28s at the same time because i've gained 5 lbs and they were soooo big, i am not even going to mention them. Except now.)
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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