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Nice Bag- Bad Buckle
I loved this bag. I was so excited when I bought it. She looked beautiful when I pulled her out of the case. I couldn't wait to wear her. I transferred all my stuff from my old bag into this one and off I went, or at least, off I went for 2 minutes before the clasp unfastened. I was pretty confident I had closed it, but I closed it again anyway. Well, no matter how many times you close it, the little clasp turns ever so slightly and pops the bag right open, ready for anyone to slip their hands in and grab what's visible. I've worn this bag just a few times before I got so sick of it. Now, it sits in my closet and has become a sore spot for me. It's really unfortunate that I spent so much on it and they couldn't come up with a better clasp. I mean, really? Don't you test these before you sell them to people? I'm very disappointed with Cynthia Rowley! Moral of the story? Don't buy bags online unless you've seen it, touched it, felt it, and tried it. Than
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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