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Wrong product sent
I was send the regular, unfoldable, oversized Clubmaster instead of this item that I ordered. Having been a regular Shopbop customer, I was extremely disappointed. What makes it worse is the lousy Shopbop customer service - I've gone through the inconvenience of shipping the product back to Shopbop, and they sent me an email saying I'd get a refund. But there's no word to tell me if they'll be shipping me the correct item I ordered? Also, how does Shopbop make up for their mistake? In the end it's only disappointment and inconvenience for the customer, who doesn't get her desired product in the end. And Shopbop? Life goes on... without penalty. I'll not order from you again and make it known among friends too to avoid your store. Highly disappointing.
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Bought it cos I love how it goes with everything. Perfect length. Got many compliments for it. The crystals add a wonderful touch. Great for dressing up or dressing down.
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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