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Baltimore, MD
My Style: Edgy, Chanel with a Betsey edge.
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1 reviews
3in off Size, Poor Construction
You would think that since these pants are sold by waist size you could be fairly confident when purchasing that they would fit. Apparently not. Even inches are not safe from vanity sizing... I am a 24 inch waist. I know this because last night I had my tailor measure me again. The pants I bought, which "7" has labeled as 24 actually have a 27in waist. Again, I know this because I had my tailor measure them for me. To have the pants fixed to fit me would cost 45.00, half the price of these pants. Also, these pants are unlined, and made of a very thin fabric. They are not denim weight, but are also highly elastic at the same time. This was a very disappointing purchase. Needless to say, they are on their way back.
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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