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Boston, MA
My Style: Casual Chic, Edgy
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2 reviews
Posted January 21, 2011
Too Boxy
I had been looking for a fun winter coat and thought a faux fur animal print would fit the bill. In the end, this coat just wasn't what I was looking for so I sent it back. The color and print were great in person, I just had an issue with the cut/fit of the coat. I ordered a size S (I usually get S/M, or 4/6 for tops) and just felt like this coat looked too boxy, swallowed me up a bit and just made me look huge.
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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Posted January 21, 2011
Texture/fit issues
The color and print of this jacket was really nice, and the rabbit fur was super soft and felt great. I ended up sending this back because there just seemed to be something "off" about it for me. I ordered the size small, and it was true to size, I just felt like I wished the jacket was a couple inches longer and it actually seemed to gape a bit at the back which I thought would leave me cold. The coat also isn't very thick so I wasn't sure it would keep me warm enough. It would have to serve as more of a transitional jacket and I already have a leather jacket that I would probably wear instead of this one every time. Another problem I had with this is that in some areas it seemed like there were weird seams or that the fabric had been folded or tucked oddly so that it didn't lay flat. There were also little uneven tufts of fur (in the back especially) that didn't look right.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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