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Very cool. buy it! makes a casual outfit just a tad bit more cool. Love the Buckle and the knobs all around. Might be a bit large if you have skinny arms. I tend to gain weight on my arms including forearms, so have a bit of a chubby (?) forearm but fits just right when buckled on the inner hole. (can slide 1/3 of the way up my forearm) Maybe a bit pricey for what it is, but if you love the look of it, you won't regret it bc looks great on. :)
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broke within 1 hour
i tried it on when it arrived, and was pleased (it's sort of a dirty gold look...weighty apple pendant) and looking forward to wearing it casually. I wanted to see if I could just take it off over my head and even though I didn't force it, the link connected to the clasp gave out! I considered returning it but not sure if it will be accepted by shopbop since maybe I shouldn't have tried to take it off over my head (although I swear I was gentle). thankfully i bought it on sale so I will probably attempt to fix it or get it fixed.
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