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I envy you girls in the warm climate!!
This unusually severe winter in the city, I've ruined 2 pair of boots already. Both cracked beyond repair. So I had to start looking for their replacement since the winter never seems to end anytime soon. Though it looked like most of the nice ones were snatched up and no longer available! I got depressed and then I found this lovely pair. I liked its dark chocolate color and it seemed comfortable as far as platform goes. I very much wanted the pair to work with my wardrobe but it didn't, unfortunately. The light colored wedge part stood out more than I liked in my dark winter outfits. I couldn't imagine walking in the slushy, dirty street in these, either. They would lose their pretty face in the seconds! This was the moment I wished I lived southern california or sun belt where the weather is mild all year around, where you can wear boots for fashion's sake. Here in the north east, I'd need much more serious boot to survive the winter. It's really too bad.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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Easy and elegant
I'm quite surprised that no one has reviewed it yet, because I just love this!! It has refined easiness, which is a key factor for choosing clothes for me, who is not young anymore to be daring but would love to be stylish without appearing too obvious... I always find Marc By Marc slightly larger than actual size and this one proved to be the same. A bit too roomy around the chest, and at the back around waist so that you kind of look floating inside. But I assume it's the part of design and since the fabric is really nice, soft silk knit, I wouldn't mind so much... I bought this before the holiday season when there was a chance for me to go somewhere warm. The getaway didn't happen but I'm very happy ended up with this jumpsuit. Can't wait for the spring and put this on with a pair of heeled espadrilles!!
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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Posted February 02, 2011
Nice and warm but too low at the back...
Since the beginning of the winter I've been curious about these but by the time I decided to give them a try, the color/size I wanted were sold out and I opted for denim version. I love them, I must say, even though the inside seam that stitched together the fleece lining and outer material came apart after just 1 hand wash! ( Maybe it's time for better quality control, Plush!?) ...And these? Great, as far as warmth goes but have a problematic fit: they won't stay on! Legs and around the belly are fine but I have to keep pulling them up at the back. I wish they were cut deep enough to accommodate my bottoms, which are not THAT big...
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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