6 reviews
Smells good
I like this spray - smells good. I've used it while traveling - to freshen up any items that were in my suitcase. Also use it to get another wear or two out of a top or dress rather than be constantly taking it to the cleaners after only wearing it once.
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Online shopping addict
Chicago, IL USA
I love the Launderess shampoos
Originally started on this line with this cashmere shampoo but a slightly different scent. This one smells great too. Makes the chore of hand washing a little less unpleasant.
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White white white!!!
Tried the detergent on my white indoor slippers, and it did whiten and brighten them with its delightful scent. Can't wait to wash all my whites :)
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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Scottsdale, AZ
Perfect for Christmas
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Santiago, Chile
I don't get it
I guess I didn't understand how it works, because it pinched and threatened to pick up the yarn -I was afraid to try it on a sweater that I like. Nice cedar but it's going back.
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Beauty Is Diverse
Great wash
The detergent has a nice soft scent, and kept my jeans from becoming to stiff after drying them.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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