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Westchester, NY
Are you serious Gemma Redux?
Wake up, fellow Shopboppers... I cannot believe the prices of these pieces for using cheap-looking base metal chains. And this is just off the charts ridiculous. Any savvy shopper would know stalactites are not THAT expensive, so almost $1,700 for this base metal piece is just insane! Same with the wood and base metal "Princess Whatever" necklace posted for over $2,800. Seriously? For WOOD?? Even on sale for almost $2,000 it's an absolute ripoff. Rethink your pricing, GR... we're not that stupid.
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Just because you're on a few celebs doesn't give you the right to rip people off !!!!! Is the joke on us, Gemma? Cheap chain and a stalactite, which is not even gemstone quality, does not even come close to equal that price, sorry.
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This necklace is so fugly... and for almost $500, not even real gemstones! (That red 'thing' is glass.) Gemma Redux has gotten very heady with her pricing and the combination of materials makes no sense. Sorry, I just don't get it.
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