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Posted December 29, 2014
Very pretty
Exact as shown in photo, delicate and unique. The gold is matte shine and doesn't look cheap at all. There is one thing( not negative though) that UPS used a HUGE packing box for this tiny necklace and put more than enough cushioning paper inside. The box I got is like 40* 30*20 cm and at first I thought it's clothes ....haha
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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Posted September 15, 2014
beautiful pattern
I was eyeing one the romper of the same design but the romper doesnt have my size alr. So i purchased this dress instead and it is no less pretty! When I first took it out from the parcel I was a bit disappointing as the colour looks not as bright and vibrant as shown in the pic, but when I try it on it looks really great! Perhaps the lighting in my room affect the colour, would be really a beauty outdoor I suppose
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flattering and comfortable! A great deal right now! easily matched and can pull off with both slippers and heels
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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should have bought the smallest size
regretting buying size 1, as I always purchase the smallest size. Luckily it can still fit me. I usually purchase the same size as what model wears, for this dress I should have bought size 0.. I wear UK6 petite for Topshop, and I fit both US2 and US0. The dress itself is very good! definitely a good deal now.
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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Posted August 04, 2014
Perfect dress!
I ordered an XS. Although its smaller than what I normally get for a size XS, it fits me so well as I'm quite petite . The material is very comfortable and stretchable. it is actually tagged "petite" on the dress which explains why the cutting seems small, but given the stretchy material it can be really flexible for girls of different body size. At first I was worrying abt the the chest might be too low that reveals my bra, as it seems quite low in the pic. But when I tried the dress it fits so well and is very secured at the front even I am really short(The shoulder strips are of perfect length!) The knitting at the back does look tighter than what is shown in the pic, so its not as "see through" as expected. I'm 155cm tall and I need to send the dress for alteration cutting 12cm off. I
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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Posted July 10, 2014
pretty but dusty
It took me literally whole night trying to clean up the glue, dust and paint on the stones. After cleaning up it looks the same as shown in the photo. The glues and dust are all come from manufacturing,not from shop bop storage process. However one part of the necklace is broken,,,,But easily glued back by myself. Although it is impossible to clean all the glues covering the stone surface but when you wear it it doesnt affect the bling effect much. I got this as an exchange item as shop bop sent me the wrong item first time. I didn't expect paying an extra almost $60 USD tax as it never occur to me when the previous shipment arrived.. Overall the item is very pretty and worth buying.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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Posted July 03, 2014
not as bright
I ordered another DANNIJO necklace and shop bop sent me this one which is the wrong item. However shop bop has easy return policies and make my life much easier However I would like to review this item. When i took it out from the parcel it is quite dusty, probably because of the black chain. The yellow crystals are not as bright as expected, they look dull. The turquoise stones are okie but need cleaning. overall it is pretty but doesn't look like a $500+ necklace.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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