Northern Virginia
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Buyer beware
These jeans are raw denim, which is a very different animal from pre-washed jeans with stretch added. These jeans are stiff as cardboard out of the bag, and it will likely take you several hours or even a day or two of constant wear before you can button them all the way up. After reading up on raw denim and this style in particular, I ordered a size up. I struggled for most of an hour to get them above my crotch and could only button the first button. Ultimately, I decided that life's too short to wear uncomfortable pants, even if the reward after a year's wear is jeans that are perfectly distressed to your figure. I wouldn't recommend these jeans if you have thighs that are larger than your calves.
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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Posted August 17, 2013
Worth it
This bag is stunning in its simplicity. It embodies the minimalist chic APC look. I ordered the brick color, which hopefully will come back into stock. It's a great warm chestnut color--definitely more of a warm brown than a red. The leather is thick and lustrous. The stitching is high quality (I'm very picky about stitching) and there are no signs of shoddy craftsmanship. I saved up for this bag for a few months and when it arrived I had no doubt it was worth it.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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Posted June 17, 2013
Almost a classic
I tried these boots as well as the APC zip-up boots. Ultimately, I chose the zip-ups for the following reasons: the heel fit better; the top of the boots tapered with the zipper, providing a more appealing look; the accent stitching made them more distinctive. However, these boots are are a classic, versatile color and beautifully made. I always take a 38 and they fit true to size with thin socks (my US shoe size is usually 7.5, but sometimes 8).
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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