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Posted February 09, 2013
not in love
i purchased this boot based on the good reviews, i wanted something trendy and easy to wear... but when i took one look at them out of the box, my heart sank - shipping these back to the states for a refund is gonna cost quite a bit so its not worth it....i might have liked them more if they actually fit well - got the size 6, should have sized down one whole size...but also they're just not my style, i would have liked a classier boot. And with the toe turned up like that its a total turn off for me, wore them a couple of times just to say i wore them, and now they're in the back of the closet...forever.. :(
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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if you must have these u better size up!
I have a narrow foot and am a size 36, sometimes 35.5. I ordered the size 6 and realized they are a size small when i tried them on. But i made myself wear them because they are so lovely and ive heard so much about salvatore ferragamo shoes being well-made and comfortable, also because shipping them back would cost me quite a bit so thought id put up with the pain hoping that maybe they just need breaking in ... I wore them for a few agonizing hours, the material is so tough and unless your foot is super super skinny i definitely DO NOT recommend these... i actually have lost feeling in one of my big toes because the shoe must have been cramping down on a nerve on the upper part of my foot and really hurt it, its been 10 days and still a part of my toe is numb!!! There are many other cute espadrilles out there, dont take your chances with this one unless you enjoy pain!
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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