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Posted October 16, 2013
very thick
i like the execution of the design but the downfall for me is that it leaves alot of sweater material on my clothes is like im shedding like if is falling apart..but im gonna keep it cuz i been wanting a grey sweater and plus is very thick..
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Posted September 19, 2013
is very sheer
i love the shirt cuz is very sheer i own alot of enza costa and they are my favorite go shirts they go with everything jeans, skirts, shorts!
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love the flat heel
i was looking for a flat that is tight for my skinny leg an coming across the reviews this item is perfect for skinny legs and calves! i saw the size 36 but now is gone shopbob bring this item back..i didnt even get a chance to buy it..they are over price but i been trying to look for flat over the knee and i found them and now they sold out! i cant seem to find this item anywhere! so sad!
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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i like the design
i purchase the Tibi Edita and i wore them 5 times that the leather buttom of the shoe it peal of and now u can see the poor craftsmen ship and is not pretty..it should've had more material at the button or some other type of material..im afraid if i use it more is gonna end up with a whole an the buttom of the shoe..i end up buying a Sole Protector Pads Non-Slip just so i wont wear out the shoe..is a beautiful shoe u dont get tired and the design is unique and u can wear them with skinny jeans, capris, dresses, skirts..is very versatile..but for that price i would think i would get alot of use but i dont think i can cuz the botton part wear out already..dissapointed!
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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Posted January 08, 2013
love the black and white concept!
i received it so quickly the best service i purchase it for 103.60. it was my first purchase. i call them and the representative was very polite and they did price adjusment and i got it for $92.50..im very happy and also because this item was worth it for that price. The shoulders is a lil padded but it doen't look bad.the sleeves are a lil tight but once u try it on it looks very nice .the blazer is able to handle multiple purposes such as going to work going out for dinner..i can wait to wear it!
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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