brisbane, AUSTRALIA
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odd sizing
It was hard to choose if this was smaller or larger than expected because it's a bit of both. I have normal/small sized wrists but fairly fat fingers. As another review said the wrist part was on the small side, which was fine but made it difficult to clasp shut. The chain leading to the finger loop was so long though! When my arm was just down by my side the finger loop slid all the way down to my 1st knuckle. It felt a little awkward but it looked nice (if you look closely, it's a quite fine chain) especially when I started using that hand and it hung in the right place. Interesting piece and I like it other than the sizing
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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Posted August 03, 2013
It's too much effort for me to send these back from Australia, but I will give them to my sister. They're the length I pictured but the detailing at the top was larger than it seemed and sat in an awkward position on my earlobe that made my ears look droopy
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Posted August 03, 2013
great dress! simple, classic evening dress for special occasions. The tie is very long and can be wrapped around the waist and tied back in a bow that still has a tail. I bought the black and its good quality, flattering and feels great. Very very long though. I'm not short (171cm) and even in 14cm heels the small is at least 2 inches long. Definitely needs a trip to the tailor. It's not overly big fit wise but it's drapey and has plenty of room, so probably a good idea to size down. That being said I love it and am keeping it!
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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Posted October 27, 2012
lovely dress
I'm so happy I decided to get this, its easy to wear, looks expensive and is great for spring/summer. The colour is more pink than the photo and I prefer to cinch the waist in with a belt but it's comfortable and gives me plenty of room to move. careful bending over if you're not used to shorter dresses!
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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