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Posted October 09, 2012
Disliking math does not make you stupid.
Equating dislike of math with a deficit in intellect is what kept colleges from accepting me despite a MENSA-level IQ and near-perfect verbal SAT score. It's irresponsible to claim that Wildfox is sending a bad message by saying "it's ok to not like" math (it is, you know. It IS ok that I don't like it,) while implying that dislike of mathematics should be seen as some sort of badge of ignorance or stupidity. I'm not good at math, I greatly dislike it, and that hasn't a single thing to do with my overall intelligence or whether I enjoy and value learning as a whole. Please consider that the stereotypes you're indirectly pushing are just as harmful as the ones you're up in arms about. That said, I'd wear this. Sorry.
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I can't stop wearing these!
The fit is so flattering, the construction so sturdy, and the options so endless that I find it very hard to wear any other jeans. Every pair of denim shorts I bought for the season has been abandoned in favor of these. I also love that the cuff isn't stitched down, so you can readjust the thickness of the cuff and the inseam length (I prefer it slightly higher if I'm wearing flats.) I am usually a size 25 in AG, but I recommend going one size up for these as the waist seems to be slightly smaller than usual and doesn't have much stretch.
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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