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My Style: Bohemian, Love the 60's! Fringe-y, flowy, hippie!
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Posted July 14, 2012
Want this color, too!
I have this top in black, actually I have THREE. I love it THAT much. Now I'm going to order it in (at least) one of these colors, too. The black one goes with everything - my skinny electric blue pants, jeans, cropped cotton pants - really versatile. I ordered one, wore it to death, and found a tiny hole in it so I relegated it to the "work" side of my closet (with a vest and/or a giant fringe-y scarf the hole doesn't show!) and ordered another. I have now worn that one a zillion times, so (as goofy as it sounds) I bought a third one, which I still have wrapped up, just in case I somehow manage to also wreck top #2. Great price for something so completely all-purpose. It is flattering, comfortable, and unusual.
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Posted July 14, 2012
Slightly disappointed.
Sorry to be contrary to the three other reviews, but I was disappointed in this top. Hard to put my finger on exactly why, but I just don't love it as much as my other Splendid tops (and I have several that I adore!). It's ok, but "just ok". I think it's the way the collar lays maybe? It gets rumpled looking too quckly. When I wear it, after a couple hours, I end up wishing I'd worn something else. I have it in black. Wish I'd returned it, I don't think it's worth what it cost.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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