Vancouver, BC
Reviews: 4
Average Rating: 3.0
4 reviews
Waist too small
I am 5'6", 130 pounds, and a 34B. I ordered this dress in a 4. The chest area fit perfectly, but the waist was WAAY too small. I couldn't come close to buttoning up the hooks - at least 1 - 2 inches away from coming together. The dress was also long, but can be easily hemmed. The band at the waist doesn't have a seam, so I don't think it is possible to get the waist taken out, and definitely not by as much as I would need it. The dress is very beautiful, so now I am debating whether to order it in a larger size, but then I would need to get the chest taken in.
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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Metal feels cheap
The chain on these was a lot thicker and more rectangular than I was expecting. Also felt like the setting was a bit cheap and the stone was loose in the setting.
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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Comfy and eye-catching, but delicate.
These were a bit tight when I first tried them on, but quickly stretched out to accommodate and now are quite comfortable. You can wear them with the tongue/sides up, or also folded down. I found that the beads do get snagged easily though - the saving grace being thateach strand is knotted and looped individually, so even though one end of the strand becomes unattached from the shoe, the beads themselves do not fall off the string and get lost.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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Be careful of loose earring posts.
I love the look of these earrings, but when my order arrived, one of the earrings had a loose earring post, which snapped off while I was pulling the back off (not roughly), and the other earring had a scratch. Since I really liked the way they looked, I ordered a second pair, and once again one of the earring posts was wobbly, but the other earring was in perfect condition. I figured that the the 3rd time had to be the charm and it was! so now I finally have a pair that are scratch-free with sturdy posts. These earrings are definitely noticeable on, even with hair down.
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