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Posted November 04, 2012
A Belt for All Shapes and Sizes!
Pros: This belt is adorable! It's elastic construction makes it suitable for all shapes and sizes, and works equally well with a dress, cardigan, or tee! Plus, the elastic allows for some weight fluctuation (gain AND loss), which isn't always an option with your standard leather belt. Cons: It is a bit pricey, considering the materials used in the construction of the belt are elastic, which wears out/rots over time, and a rather lightweight metal clasp. I would feel much more comfortable with the price of this belt had the metal closure been constructed using a heavier/more weighty metal. Bottom line: I am glad I purchased this belt with the discount code that was being offered at the time for 20% off. When all is said and done, I would recommend this belt to others for its versatility and cute style!
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Cute, but pricey!
The necklace is super cute (though a bit pricey for the quality of craftsmanship). After wearing the necklace every single day for nearly two weeks, the clasp broke off completely. I've never had this happen to any other necklace or piece of jewelry that I own. I am very careful in taking extremely good care of my jewelry--so, I was very disappointed and shocked that this happened. I would return the necklace but I can't since it's been over 15 days since I purchased the necklace. :(
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Posted January 18, 2013
Great Gym Shorts!
These are just great! What I love about these shorts is the elastic waistband--not stiff and uncomfortable like so many gym shorts. The elastic is soft, very stretchy, and non-constricting (doesn't dig into your waist). The only con is, perhaps, the price. As with so many items, the shorts are a bit pricey (even at the 30% off sale price) for what they are; but, I am happy, nonetheless! I would recommend!
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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Cute Earrings . . . but, a bit pricey!
These tiny earrings are cute; however, they went on sale shortly after I purchased them (50% off). I could have saved myself $125 if I had waited just a couple weeks more. Unfortunately, Shopbop would not honor a price-match on the earrings even though they went on sale close to my purchase date. So, the purchase was bittersweet. On the one hand, I like the earrings...on the other, I'm disappointed with Shopbop's customer service.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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