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5 reviews
Brown vs black HUGE quality differences!
I got the brown, and LOVED them. Wear then constantly. Yes, they run a bit large, whatever put a thick sock on. Yes, the leather did start peeling back around the sole, got some glue and fixed that too. The quality of the leather in brown is great. I got the black then since the style is so amazing. Was excited! Until they arrived....what an extreme difference! The black-horrible dye smell, grey-er and more matte leather with faint spay marks compared to the picture, and the kicker is that SUPER THIN leather is used on the black!?!? Cheap as all heck. No idea why. The leather strap will literally snap in half if pulled to hard one time. When I study the picture it seems to me that they used nicer leather in the beginning when they started making this boot and then switched it to cheap leather as the images don't look the same, AT ALL. Weird. Good luck when buying these...who knows if they have started making the brown cheaply as well since I got my brown ones last year.
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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Lower quality but good for price
In a nutshell....regarding style and silhouette,this ring looks expensive. In regards to material weight and finish this ring feels and looks cheaper. But for $45 you are getting what you pay for. Too small for my giant man hands too!:)
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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Posted October 27, 2012
metallic thread throughout creates ugg
I loved the silhouette, and the fit. The color. alas, was bunk. Super shiny metallic threads throughout create a cheapened look, in my opinion. Not at all like the sweat shirt/soft sweater in grey like the pictures make it look. Slightly scratchy and shiny. I returned(I was surprised I assumed I would have loved this from the site description and pictures)
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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great ring!
Heavy and substantial feeling on your hand, this ring makes a statement! I ordered the rough cut aquamarine stone ring this year too which in person I found to be disappointing, but this ring more than makes up for it. Gradiations in the metal made me nervous int eh pictures, but in person it looks and feel expensive. I will wear often!
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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Posted March 17, 2011
not as great as I expected:(!
Stone was much darker and muddier in person!!! The stone was also turned on it's side so it jutted up in a point like a tall triangle. I know these are individually made,none are exactly like the picture, but I was very disappointed...the scrolled metal work looks similar to the pictures though. It feels heavy and like a statement piece, but not quite good enough to warrant spending this much on a ring that doesn't make you squeal with glee each time you look at it:)
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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