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perfect for my peepers
I never buy sunglasses without trying them on, but these looked so tempting i decided to try. they arrived - luminous tea colored rims, and very nice almost violet charcoal lenses. opaque from the outside in, but nice from the inside looking out. Great quality, sort of a half steampunk half gilda vibe.
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Posted March 17, 2011
useful basic
I wear this under lots of tops that otherwise wouldn't really make it out the door. I have these in most colors, and am pleased - they're a little synthetic feeling for hot weather but definitely useful under light or skimpy tops. A great alternative to camisoles when you don't want straps showing.
Sizing: Smaller than Expected
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unattractive and chemically
This bag smells very strange - chemically rather than leathery. And the crackling texture looks more screen-printed than the texture of distressed leather. Sorry to send this one back.
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Terrible design - unwearable
I was so disappointed in this earring, which looked fairly cheap in construction and appearance as soon as I opened the box. But worst of all, the post is in the middle of the earring, not at the end, meaning the pointy end actually overshot the top of my earlobe into the hollow ear canal. This positioning also means its mis-weighted and unbalanced, so it doesn't hang properly but sort of falls forward at a bizarre angle. It's a shame, because the concept for this earring is really wonderful. I have rather small ears, but I'm still an adult woman so I'm not sure who this would work for. Sad to send it back, but it's unwearable.
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Not only are these the most cosy, never-want-to-step-out-of pair I own, they also possess magical powers. Every time I've worn them, at least one person who sees me regularly has asked what i've done to suddenly grow taller and slimmer and then commented on the super-sexy caboose. I was skeptical of the high waist, but it's actually quite hot and the tucked-blouse look turns out to be quite sophisticated and seductive. I love the curves and am ready to say goodbye to the low-slung boy waist. I will say these jeans would be tough to do if you're under 5'6 or 5'7.. I'm 5'9 and need 3 inch heels for the bells to clear the floor - hemming them would probably really alter the dramatic lines.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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