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Cool sleeves
I have a hard time dressing because I tend to gain weight on my upper body while my legs stay slim. This shirt is PERFECT if you have the same problem. I worried it would make me look even larger on top because of the horizontal lines but somehow the way it fits it really does not do that. might be the way the lines are vertical on the upper arms? not sure. The shirt is on the short side, up and down wise, so might help to wear a longer white tank top in side...I felt that that may also have contributed to looking leaner. the texture is great, and feels airy.. wore it on a hot day and was comfortable. slits on arms are flattering for us girls with arm issues :) I bought a size M and it was perfect. I usually buy size L if I am buying a fitted T because of my top heaviness.
Sizing: Larger than Expected
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broke within 1 hour
i tried it on when it arrived, and was pleased (it's sort of a dirty gold look...weighty apple pendant) and looking forward to wearing it casually. I wanted to see if I could just take it off over my head and even though I didn't force it, the link connected to the clasp gave out! I considered returning it but not sure if it will be accepted by shopbop since maybe I shouldn't have tried to take it off over my head (although I swear I was gentle). thankfully i bought it on sale so I will probably attempt to fix it or get it fixed.
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