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Nice scarf.
I had doubts considering 65% of polyester in the material, but ordered it given to popularity and good references from other shoppers. It's really great scarf, warm and comfortable, it also looks very fashion.
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Shanghai, China
love it
very good quality, soft & it!!
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New York, New York
Great Scarf!
This scarf (and all lovequotes scarves) are awesome. Warm, stylish, and comfy. You can't beat it.
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Los Angeles, CA
Love Quotes make the best scarves.
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Juliet Dallaire
Montreal, Canada
I Own 10-But They Damage/Wrinkle Easily
I have 10 Love Quotes scarves; however, they 'wear' quickly (e.g., hook on necklaces & bangles very easily; 50% linen/50% viscose wrinkles easily). But I still love these scarves. The colour range, and ESPECIALLY the lightness of the scarves, keeps me coming back for more despite the negatives. I wear these during the winter @ the office and in the summer too. Many of my other scarves, like my Yarnz cashmere ones, are too hot for wearing all day around the office (even during winter). I buy scarves to complete an outfit, not just to wear with an outercoat. Love Quotes are perfect for that purpose. Love Quotes are made in 65% polyester/35% rayon for those who may be turned off by the fact that this one is 50% linen/50% viscose. Linen/viscose scarves damage & wrinkle a little (too) easily. I don't own any of the other Love Quotes fabrics though, so I have no recommendations concerning those. There is good reason celebrities luv these. And now, a purchase benefits Haiti too. Bravo!!!
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encinitas, CA
amazing color!
im obsessed with love quotes. such high quality, long lasting scarves! i was looking for a red scarf for fall/winter & when i saw this one i knew i had to have it! perfect for a pop of color. i wear alot of black, grey, & neutrals so this is so fun to add a little color to an outfit:) PLUS proceeds go to an awesome cause!
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Bucharest, Romania
Gorgeous colour
I got this item in red, on the count of my having a fixation with this colour. It's such a fabulous shade in person, very bright, perfect for adding some colour to a neutral outfit. The fabric is light, so the scarf does its job of keeping you from getting cold, but without getting you steamed, which is great for autumn. Also, it does wrinkle a bit, as it's been said, but I don't mind this sort of thing in general. I have to say, I don't usually wear scarves and I got this on a bit of a whim, but I might have found a new obsession; it's a great item.
Sizing: True to Size / As Expected
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